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Interview with Dr.Gill

Dr. Gill, a noted plastic surgeon in The Woodlands, shared his viewpoint on plastic surgery and how each individual who visits his practice can achieve beautiful results that meet their unique needs.

Tell us about your practice.

We are an established, community-based, patient-centered practice located in the heart of the Woodlands, Texas. Our practice focus is aesthetic surgery of the face/body/breast, body contouring after massive weight loss, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy. We believe in a patient-centered approach with safety and a natural look as our utmost concerns.

How do you define beauty and what are your goals for the practice?

I define beauty as natural elegance. Smooth transitions in harmony are a key to a natural result, whether in the face, breast or body. I do think there is a visual and artistic component that cannot be taught in school. I believe this is where I can deliver superior results to my patients. I study the human body in shape, form, and function and have the unique ability to visualize and produce natural elegant changes.

What makes a doctor a good plastic surgeon?

Outside of artistic talent, quality training, and experience, I think strong moral character and high ethical standards are paramount. As a patient, I would want a doctor who puts my end result and safety as a top priority. If there is a procedure that will best benefit the patient that I do not perform, I will recommend the best person to do it. If the patient wants a procedure done that I think is unsafe or too risky, I will stand by my recommendation and do what is best for their health and well being. To me, this is what makes not only a good doctor, but a good plastic surgeon.

Seeking plastic surgery is still considered by some to be an unnecessary vanity. What is your view point in this regard?

I find most patients want their appearance to fit how they feel inside. They may feel youthful, energetic, and active, but have insecurity due to lower lid bags that make them look tired, or excess skin and loose muscle from childbirth preventing them from wearing the swimsuit or evening gown they desire. I find most my patients are in search of a look that suits that personality and attitude.

What about the sentiment expressed by those who think we should not interfere with the natural aging process?

I respect each patient’s unique interests and thoughts when it comes to cosmetic surgery. I spend a significant portion of the initial consult trying to understand each patient’s goals and thoughts on cosmetic surgery. Depending on a patient’s goals, I will devise a plan as simple as skin care products to a facelift, depending on their goals and what their expected end result is.

Besides an improved physical appearance, what other benefits do you see in your patients who have undergone cosmetic or reconstructive surgery?

I find that the benefits of cosmetic surgery on a patient’s physical appearance directly translates to their mental and spiritual life. I see patients with higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, which directly translates to a healthier home life, lifestyle, and even professional life. I also find patients become self-motivated to take their physical appearance and overall health more seriously after a tummy tuck or breast lift. It is an amazing motivational tool to help the patient hit the gym, eat right, and make the rest of their body more shapely and youthful.

How do you approach facial procedures?

I believe the key to a natural face is harmony and symmetry. Essentially attention will be drawn to your most aged component. Therefore, I always ask my patient to describe their concerns in descending order in front of the mirror. I will then discuss why these components have aged and why they are this way. I then take time to teach my patients why the face ages and which areas are a safe candidate for surgical correction. This helps my patients understand why they have the lines or tissue excess and what can be done to correct this. This is very educational in combination with before and after photos to provide a realistic idea of what procedures each patient can benefit from and what the expected end result should be.

We know a large part of your practice focuses on body contouring after massive weight loss, why is it important to have a plastic surgeon dedicated to this sub-specialty?

I take a great amount of pride and satisfaction in body contouring surgery after weight loss. I gain immense satisfaction from seeing my patients enjoy the rewards of weight loss and help them through this final stage and regaining one’s sense of self. I enjoy every aspect of this field and am actively involved in seminars throughout the community to educate the public on the options available and timing of these procedures.

Post Bariatric Surgery patients have unique nutritional needs that must be understood by your plastic surgeon and coordinated with your dietitian and bariatric surgeon to ensure optimal success. I work with many of the surgeons in Houston and have the necessary experience to guide you safely through this life transformation.

What types of non-surgical treatments do you offer?

We offer an array of non-surgical treatments which we use in combination with our surgical procedure to offer optimal results, or as stand-alone treatments. Our services range from fillers, Botox, laser treatments, chemical peels to skin care products and mineral makeup.

For more information about plastic surgery in the Woodlands, contact Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Gill.