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Plastic Surgery Information The Woodlands

Initial Consultation:

Dr. Gill will see you in initial consultation and ensure more than adequate time to fully understand your aesthetic concerns and provide answers to each of your questions. He will then perform a careful analysis of your problem area(s). This will involve a careful structural and functional exam. He will then diagram the options that could be undertaken to address or enhance your features, this may involve a combination of procedures or a simple nonsurgical treatment. Following this comprehensive overview of your individualized treatment plan, Dr. Gill will provide you with informational brochures and educational links to further understand your procedure.

Preoperative Visit:

Once Dr. Gill has tailored an operative plan to suit your cosmetic concerns, he will have you return for a preoperative visit close to surgery. At this point he will review the operative plan in detail, take pictures, and discuss the perioperative and postoperative course of action.

Day of Surgery:

You will arrive a few hours prior to surgery. Depending on your procedure, an anesthesiologist may be involved and will fully evaluate you. Dr. Gill may place marks on you to assist him in the operating room and then ensure all your questions are answered.