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Neck Lift The Woodlands

Your neck can often exhibit sagging skin and fat, common signs of the aging process. Through a neck lift with Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Gill, you can reverse those early signs and maintain a youthful appearing neck going forward.

neck lift picture on Gill Plastic Surgery, Houston
Loose skin and fat can accumulate below the chin as a person ages.
picture of neck lift results
After a neck lift, the angular contour of the jaw line and neck is clearly defined.

If You’re Considering a Neck Lift

While a facelift may correct some sagging and wrinkles in the neck, a neck lift, also known as cervicoplasty or platsymaplasty, is specialized to correct the tissue and muscle that may hang in the area below your chin.

Individuals who struggle with the following issues may benefit from this procedure:

  • Sagging neck tissues
  • Hanging jowls
  • Prominent neckbands
  • Excess fat deposits in the neck

As with any surgery, you should have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure and should also be a healthy non-smoker, as this aids in proper healing. While the procedure may be similar across genders, the aesthetic goals may greatly differ in women and men; such details can be discussed with Dr. Gill in your consultation.

What to Expect in Surgery

For your surgery, which may last one to two hours, you will likely be placed under a general anesthetic, though a local anesthetic with sedation may be used in some cases. Dr. Gill will begin by making an incision from the front of your earlobe, around the back of your ear into your hairline. During the procedure, as necessary he will remove excess fatty tissue and work with the underlying prominent neck muscle, the platysma, to attain your cosmetic goals. He will then close the incisions with sutures and cover them with a dressing and tape.

Recovering from a Neck Lift

Following your surgery you will need to keep your head elevated. You will need to wear compression garments for up to three weeks and should avoid exertion for about two weeks. It may take up until the time you remove the compression strap before you can witness the full results of your surgery. The day after your surgery, you will be able to shower and wash your hair.

Neck Lift in Houston

For more information about neck lift in The Woodlands, contact Gill Plastic Surgery at our Houston plastic surgery practice or call 281-853-5308 to schedule a consultation.