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Face Procedures The Woodlands

In his Houston office, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Gill skillfully performs procedures to improve, augment or restore youth to all areas of your face. Dr. Gill’s facial surgery patients range greatly in age and he works closely with both men and women to help them achieve their aesthetic and personal goals. Whether you wish to reverse some of the visible signs of aging or wish to improve the proportion of your facial features, Dr. Gill possesses the aesthetic eye and technique to help you meet your goals.

Brow Lift

A brow lift performed by Dr. Gill can dramatically reduce a descending brow, which can make you appear older, tired or even angry. Using skin and tissue tightening techniques, Dr. Gill is able to elevate your brow, opening up your eye area, reducing wrinkles and helping you appear younger and more refreshed.

Chin Surgery

If you have a chin that is too small in proportion to your other key facial features, chin surgery performed by Dr. Gill may bring harmony to your face. Using a chin implant, Dr. Gill will increase the projection of your chin, improving your profile and likely improving your self-image, as well.

Eyelid Surgery

Those of us who struggle with drooping upper eyelids or bags under our eyes may not benefit from “miracle” creams, but eyelid surgery can make a dramatic improvement. Using advanced techniques, Dr. Gill will remove excess skin and tissue from around your eye area, helping you to not only look refreshed, but more youthful, too.


The effects of time on the lower regions of the face can be harsh, resulting in drooping jowls and unsightly folds. With a facelift performed by Dr. Gill, you can see that excess drooping skin vanish through a combination of skin and tissue tightening techniques that will erase some signs of advanced aging in the lower face.

Facial Implants

Though some surgical procedures remove tissue, facial implants inserted by Dr. Gill work to improve the proportion of your face by building up the underlying structure. Whether it is your jaw, cheeks, lips or chin you feel lack proportion, Dr. Gill’s skill and aesthetic eye will greatly benefit you as you undergo a facial implant procedure.

Fat Grafting

As an alternative to professional-grade dermal fillers, Dr. Gill can use fatty tissue from your own body to fill in deep lines and wrinkles on your face. Through a liposuction, purification and lipoinjection process, Dr. Gill can greatly diminish visible signs of aging, all while using your own healthy tissues.

Neck Lift

As we age, our necks can show the negative effects of getting older, like visible neck bands and deep lines and wrinkles. Dr. Gill performs neck lift procedures which hide or remove these unappealing features through skin and tissue tightening techniques.


Both adults and children who struggle with ears that are out of proportion, misshapen or protrude too far from the head can benefit from otoplasty, or ear surgery. Dr. Gill uses this technique to work with the cartilage and tissues of the ears, remolding them and placing them closer to the head.