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Thigh Lift The Woodlands

A thigh lift is performed to remove excess tissue in the inner or outer thighs, a common complaint among women and men who have achieved major weight loss. By surgically removing the loose skin and fat, a plastic surgeon can reduce your thigh circumference and thereby improve your body shape.

In Houston, plastic surgeon Paul Gill M.D. offers the thigh lift, along with a wide variety of body contouring procedures that achieve similar goals.

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If You’re Considering a Thigh Lift in Houston

A thigh lift in Houston is designed to eradicate a troubling cosmetic concern—the accumulation of excess tissue on the thighs. With weight fluctuations, persistent fat and loose skin can collect on the thigh area. If you are bothered by such issues, a thigh lift procedure with Dr. Gill may be the right solution.

The best candidates for a thigh lift are:

  • Healthy
  • At a stable weight
  • Able to understand risks/benefits
  • Motivated to improve body shape

If you are unsure whether you meet these criteria, you may wish to schedule consultation at our Houston plastic surgery office, where you can discuss these requirements with Dr. Gill.

What to Expect in Thigh Lift Surgery

This 2-3 hour operation is typically performed under a general anesthetic, so you will be asleep during surgery. Dr. Gill performs incisions on the inner or outer thighs. When possible, the incisions follow the natural contour of the tissue in order to better conceal the incision scars. Using a combination of liposuction and surgical excision (tissue removal), Dr. Gill reshapes the thighs for a smaller and tighter shape. The incisions are then closed with sutures and covered with gauze and tape.

Recovering from Your Thigh Lift in Houston

You will be discharged from our Houston practice with specific instructions for aftercare. Be sure to follow instructions closely to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly. Along with instructions, Dr. Gill will provide a compression garment that will need to be worn for several weeks. The second day of recovery will typically involve light activity, but exercise should be postponed for two weeks or longer depending on Dr. Gill’s recommendation.

Thight Lift in Houston

For more information about thigh lift in The Woodlands, contact Gill Plastic Surgery at our Houston plastic surgery practice or call 281-853-5308 to schedule a consultation.