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Body Procedures The Woodlands

For patients in the Houston area, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Gill offers body procedures to correct, improve or augment many specific features. Many of the procedures he performs work to slenderize the body’s silhouette following weight loss by removing excess skin. However, Dr. Gill also performs procedures that increase the proportion of some areas of the body like the buttocks, calves or male chest. Depending on your aesthetic goals, Dr. Gill can perform a customized procedure to meet your needs.

Body Contouring

After losing weight, there’s much to celebrate, but for some individuals, also excess skin and stubborn deposits of fat. For these individuals, Dr. Gill performs body contouring procedures which work to further slenderize your silhouette, focusing on areas like the midsection, thighs and arms, among others.

Buttocks Lift/Augmentation

For individuals who desire a fuller, more shapely buttocks, Dr. Gill performs buttocks lift and augmentation procedures. This may incorporate advanced lipoinjection techniques that fill out your buttocks or Dr. Gill may use buttock implants to achieve the desired result.

Calf Augmentation

While some areas of the body are easier to work out and increase muscle mass in, some individuals struggle with proportionally small calves. This may also be the result of injury or trauma. For these people, Dr. Gill can perform calf augmentation surgery, which will increase the size of the calf with an implant.


Even after dedicated diet and exercise, some areas of fat cannot be eradicated and must be removed through liposuction performed by Dr. Gill. Using a small tube called a cannula, Dr. Gill will suction out the excess fat pockets, leaving you with a sleeker body shape and proportion.


The CoolSculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat. CoolSculpting results are proven, noticeable, and lasting, so you’ll look and feel great from every angle.

Mommy Makeover Houston

As women, we pay a lot of attention to our physical appearance. We dress up and highlight our best features in order to make a lasting impression. Unfortunately, sometimes we feel so self-conscious about our bodies that we just don’t feel like making the effort. This is especially true after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Male Breast Reduction

Some men in adolescence or over the course of their lives may develop excess breast tissue. Through male breast reduction performed by Dr. Gill, these men can realize a more masculine chest. Dr. Gill achieves this by removing the breast tissue and incorporating liposuction techniques to smooth the chest contours.

Male Chest Implants

Some men desire a more broad, masculine chest and may elect chest implant surgery performed by Dr. Gill. Through an incision in an inconspicuous location, Dr. Gill will insert implants under the chest muscle that will increase the projection of the chest muscle, helping achieve a masculine physique.

Tummy Tuck

After a dramatic weight loss, an individual may still struggle with excess skin or persistent fat deposits in the midsection. For these individuals, Dr. Gill offers tummy tuck procedures which utilize skin and tissue tightening techniques to remove the excess skin and fat, resulting in a more toned-looking, flatter stomach.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift performed by Dr. Gill aims to correct the issue of troublesome fat deposits and sagging skin that may result from dramatic weight loss. Using skin and tissue tightening techniques, Dr. Gill will remove the excess skin and fat, improving the silhouette of the lower body and often improving the fit of clothing, as well.


The Ultratuck as performed by Dr. Gill uses many of the same techniques as a tummy tuck, but also incorporates ultrasound-assisted liposuction techniques which work to further tone and slenderize your midsection for an ideal result.

Upper Arm Lift

Sagging skin and persistent fat deposits on the upper arms often result in an unwanted “batwing” effect. Utilizing skin and tissue tightening techniques, as well as liposuction in some cases, Dr. Gill is able to slenderize your upper arms. The small trade-off to having the excess tissue removed is the thin scar that may result.