Microsurgery The Woodlands

Microsurgery is a highly advanced procedure performed by Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Gill as a part of a reconstructive process that includes the transfer of tissue and blood vessels from one site on the body to another.

One of the most common procedures to utilize microsurgery is breast reconstruction using the DIEP technique.

If You’re Considering Microsurgery

Microsurgery is usually not performed independently, but as part of a larger reconstructive process, such as breast reconstruction. Most frequently, microsurgery is performed on patients who have exposed body structures, like joints or bone; patients who need procedures to restore normal body shape; or patients who require the restoration of function to an area of the body.

Individuals who often require microsurgery may have undergone a mastectomy, trauma to the skin or to a vital body part and have suffered a loss of function. In order to undergo microsurgery you should be a healthy nonsmoker, as this will aid in proper healing.

What to Expect from Surgery

When you are ready to undergo microsurgery, you will be placed under a general anesthetic. The procedure can take anywhere from two to six hours to complete, depending on your case.

When beginning, Dr. Gill will make careful incisions around the donor site. The donor tissue will be removed and detached from the connected blood vessels. At an incision made at the recipient site on your body, Dr. Gill will place the donor tissue. He will use magnification to closely examine the blood vessels at the donor site. Using this microscopic view, Dr. Gill will carefully attach the blood vessels of the donor tissue to the blood vessels at the recipient site. This process ensures the relocated tissues will adequately meld with existing tissues.

After he has completed the work of connecting the blood vessels, Dr. Gill will use sutures to close the incisions at both the donor and recipient sites, covering the sutures with a dressing and surgical tape.

Recovering from Microsurgery

After your microsurgery, you may need several days of hospitalization to begin recovery. You will likely experience pain and swelling at the donor and recipient sites and will be prescribed medication to manage discomfort. While you will be expected to walk within 24 hours of surgery, it may be two weeks or more before you can resume your regular activities. Of course, this will vary based on your needs and surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Gill is eager to share his skills in microsurgery and we encourage you to contact his Houston office to learn more about this procedure and how his skills in microsurgery can aid your reconstructive process.