Breast Reconstruction Procedures The Woodlands

Some of the most advanced and rewarding procedures performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Gill in his Houston practice are reconstructive in nature. These surgeries work to restore form and function to many areas of the body, whether they were damaged by trauma or injury or need to be restored following another surgical intervention, like breast reconstruction. In addition to breast reconstruction, Dr. Gill also performs advanced procedures to restore the face after dramatic injury and to treat skin issues and other forms of skin cancer.

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Gill performs DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction to rebuild a breast after a mastectomy. In this surgery, Dr. Gill uses tissues from the patient’s own abdomen to recreate the breast mound. It is similar to the TRAM technique but does not involve the abdominal muscle. An effect of a tummy tuck results from this procedure.


Dr. Gill performs advanced microsurgery, often as a part of breast reconstruction. In this procedure, Dr. Gill will work at the microscopic level with your tissues often working to connect blood vessels from a donor site with a recipient site in the patient’s body.

Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction

Tissue expansion is often a necessary component of a larger reconstructive process. If you are to undergo a reconstructive surgery, like breast reconstruction, Dr. Gill may use tissue expansion to create excess tissue to move forward with the surgery. This is a process that takes place over several weeks, during which time a balloon expander will be placed under your skin and gradually filled with saline.

Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction